Now on ebay

Now on ebay I have Bella who is a Blinkin sculpt by Donna RuBert. She is a full body vinyl doll and is anatomically correct. She has a darker skintone that is biracial or ethnic.


Bella is the size of a preemie baby or 16 inches long. She is great for posing. Her open eyes are light brown with light brown eyelashes.

Bella closeup

Bella has an identical twin sister….Ella, who is also on ebay. Bella is the open eye twin and Ella is the closed eye twin.
Twins - Bella and Ella

Their skin was painted in very thin layers of genesis heat set paints. I used at least 25 layers…each layer painted, air dried, then heat set for 8 minutes and then allowed to cool to room temperature before starting the next layer.

Their hair was micro-rooted one or two strand at a time with a very small needle. It was rooted in a direction pattern and can be spritzed with water to style.