Reborn baby doll – Sammie – very realistic newborn baby!

Realistic reborn baby girl doll

My name is Betty Ann Blackburn and Iam a professional reborn doll artist. I’ve made more than 400 of these dolls and sold them around the world. I 100% guarantee my work. The techniques and mediums I use are unique to me.

Here is Sammie. She is the last doll I have on ebay.

Sammie by Adrie Stoete

Reborn doll

Her skin is painted with many layers of Gensis heat set paints. Every layer was painted, air dried, heat set and then cooled at room temperature. Her paint will NOT wear or rub off. She is weighted to feel like a real baby when you hold her. She has a baby powder baby fresh scent and looks very real even up close.

Reborn doll

I also make custom made reborn dolls. You can see the details of my Custom Made reborn baby dolls by visiting my auction or by using the contact link at the top of the page.