Kami-Rose with brown painted hair – sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles. – adopted

Kami Rose is a perfect newborn size reborn doll! She has softly painted brown hair and a non gender belly plate so she can be a boy or girl. This Kami Rose is sold but for a limited time I can make one just like her as a custom! Please message me for more details.




This reborn doll was made by Betty Ann Blackburn and sculpted by Laura Lee Eagles.

Sweet Reborn baby girl – Saskia – now adopted

Saskia – sculpt by Bonnie Brown, reborned by Betty Ann Blackburn

Sweet Saskia is 22 inches long and weighs 6 pounds 4 ounces! She has full vinyl arms and legs and comes with an anatomically correct girl belly plate.

I ship worlswide! I am asking $799 plus shipping. Contact me for more details!








She is biracial and has pierced ears. She also has amagnet in her mouth for the pacifier. Please feel free to ask questions!

Seraphina by Eliza Marx – -custom made reborn baby girl

This beautiful girl is not available but I can make one just like her as a custom πŸ™‚ She is the perfect newborn size and has the sweetest face!!

For more information or to order a custom doll just like this please use the contact me link or visit my ebay auction
Eliza Marx reborns






Americus by Laura Lee Eagles -reborn baby girl -unavailable/adopted

Allow me to introduce my newest baby, Americus by Laura Lee eagles, reborned by me, Betty Ann Blackburn. She is 19 inches long and 5 pounds…the size of a small newborn baby. She has an anatomically correct belly plate and back plate. Her hair is medium brown, rooted from the softest angora kid mohair. Americus has a light newborn skin tone with light mottling and veins and milk spots.

If you are interested in Americus, please visit her ebay listing here, Americus by Laura Lee Eagles

Americus by Laura Lee Eagles

Americus by Laura Lee Eagles

Americus by Laura Lee Eagles

Americus by Laura Lee Eagles

Reborn baby girl – Robin by Nikki Johnson

This baby is already adopted but I thought I would show her off! She is a big girl, 7 pounds and 22 inches long. She has gorgeous pale blonde hair and full limbs. This sculpt is still available so I can make one as a custom just like her. it wouldn’t be exactly the same but would be close!

She was made form the Robin by Nikki Johnson sculpt and was reborn by myself, Betty Ann Blackburn







Noah awake by Reva Schick – light blue eyes and pale blonde hair — full limbs! – now adopted

Noah awake is looking for a new home! She is 6.5 pounds and 20 inches long. She’s the perfect size newborn and very fun to dress πŸ™‚

She has magnets in her head for hairbows. She can take a pacifier with putty.

If you are interested in adopting her please use the contact me link at the top of the page!

Noah awake

Noah awake

Noah awake reborn by Betty Ann Blackburn

Sale!!! Lillesol by Sabine Altenkirch, Limited edition, painted hair (ADOPTED)

Beautiful Lillesol is 19 inches and weighs 5 pounds 7 ounces. She is a bit floppy and feels just like a real baby when you hold her πŸ™‚

She was painted by me, Betty Ann Blackburn and I can ship worldwide!

Contact me to purchase this baby doll