custom reborn baby

I will make your reborn baby doll exactly as you want her/him. You can pick everything from the sculpt I use, to skin color etc.

I often have an auction for customs on ebay here are my current auctions

I do have a payment plan. You can pay half before I start and the rest due when the baby is finished. If you need longer to pay, you can make payments over any period up to 6 months. I do not ship your doll until 100% is paid. I ship worldwide, and use clean stuffing materials that are suitable for shipping to any country. No sand is ever used in any of my dolls.

It will take me 2 to 3 weeks or longer  to paint your doll. In total it will be 2 or 3 months to complete your baby from start to finish.

I use genesis heat set paints and paint in very thin layers. Each layer is painted, then air dried, checked, and then heat set for 8 minutes in a hot oven. The doll is allowed to cool fully before I go on to the next step. It takes me about 25 layers of paint per doll. Since most doll kits vary in color and texture, each one is different to paint. Noah by Reva Schick is my most popular. You can have any skin color you like, and you can pick the amount of mottling, or blotchiness that your baby has.

I buy all my hair at Slumberland Nursery this hair is the best there is, and comes in many textures, colors and types. Eg. curly, straight, wavy, fine, course, silky etc. I root the heads using a fine rooting needle that roots in one..sometimes 2 hairs at a time. The hair looks like it is growing right out of their heads, and there will be no plugs of hair. You can have a full head of hair, medium, or sparse.

If you choose an open eye doll you can choose the eyes I use. I highly recommend the German made crystal glass eyes, but I can use any type and color you want. I will show you links and pictures to choose from.

The price of your doll depends on what doll you want. I do have discount dolls on hand here that I can make for $400. A Noah is $699.

I guarantee that all my dolls are made from the best products and I will make your doll exactly as you want her, or I will change her until you are 100% happy. Even if you decide 2 months later that you want more hair you can send her back and I will add more hair…or cut her hair, or change her eyes, etc.

For your doll you will need to decide:
Doll sculpt
if you want her nose opened or closed (if you don’t say I will open it)
skin color
skin tone
markings…scratches, moles, rashes
mottling – this is what gives the skin a 3D look. Newborn babys have more mottling and an older baby has less. I can make a little or a lot and make it dark or light.
if you want a magnetic pacifier and/or a magnetic hairbow

Your baby will go home to you with:
A name bracelet – hospital band or beaded
wearing a diaper and dress
an extra outfit
socks or booties
extra diaper
care instructions

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