Previous babies

All these babies have been adopted unless otherwise stated. I can easily make a custom doll to look like most of these…unless the doll is from a sold out limited edition sculpt.

Twin A – Twin A by Bonnie Brown

Twin B – Twin B by Bonnie Brown

Tate – Tate by Andrea Arcello

Harper – Harper by Andrea Arcello

Zachary – Zachary by Cassie Brace

Tanya – Tanya by Gudrun Legler

Angelina – Angelina by Cindy Musgrove

Ava – Ava by Bonnie Sieben


Bella – Blinkin by Donna RuBert

Ella – Nod by Donna RuBert

Jessica – Joshua by Reva Schick

Jenny – Joshua by Reva Schick

Paris – Paris by Adrie Stoete

Porsha – Porsha by Romie Strydom

Kyra – Kyra by Gudrun Legler

Libby – Libby by Cindy Musgrove

Paris – Luca by Elly Knoops

Katie – Walter by Laura Tuzio-Ross

Megan – CORA by Adrie Stoete

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