Coco-Malu, bi racial, mexican or ethnic reborn baby girl with belly plate – adopted

This little beautiful is available for adoption! I can ship worldwide.


She has 3/4 vinyl arms and full length legs. Her body head and limbs are weighted with small glass beads to feel naturally heavy, like  areal newborn! She even smells like a real baby. Coco-Malu has a belly plate you can use for posing.







She is 18 inches long and weighs 5 pounds 1 ounce. She takes a small newborn size clothing or preemie if it is made big.

Reborn baby girl – with full vinyl upper torso – ball jointed – Tina Kewy sculpt

Gus by Tina Kewy ~ Ball-jointed ~ Sold out Limited edition!

Gus by Tina Kewy

Gus by Tina Kewy

Gus by Tina Kewy

Gus by Tina Kewy

Gus by Tina Kewy

This beautiful reborn baby girl doll started as a Gus sculpt by Tina Kewy and is now Gina. Gina has a full vinyl upper torso with ball joints…she is fun and easy to pose!

Gina is 20 inches long and is just under 7 pounds.

She is a limited edition sculpt, and is sold out, so if you want to bring Gina home, act now! For more information click on one of the above images. You can also contact me with any questions!

Gina was brought to life by me, Betty Ann Blackburn and was sculpted by Tina Kewy.