Reborn newborn baby Girl ~ Lil Treasure by Laura Lee Eagles ~ Adopted

This beautiful small newborn reborn is looking for a new home! She is 18 inches long and weighs 4 pounds. She is amazing and very life like! She has a non gender belly plate so she can be a boy if you like!



Please contact me if you are interested in adopting this baby, or one similar!

Lil Treasure

Lil Treasure

Lil Treasure

Custom reborn baby dolls

I can make your dream baby doll! Preemie to 3 month size :)
You choose, the sculpt, the hair, the skin color, the amount of blushing, the size, and eye color if open eyes!
Prices vary, but a newborn size is $599 plus shipping. a belly plate, dress and all the extras are included :)

My name is Betty Ann Blackburn and I have been making custom made reborn baby dolls for more than 9 years now!

Here are some examples of my latest custom reborns. if you are interested please use the contact me form at the top of this page!

Here are some Custom Noah’s by Reva Schick





New release! Noa by Gudrun Legler – adopted

Please welcome my latest reborn baby doll, Noa!


Noa is  a small newborn size baby with medium brown painted hair. She is a soft floppy baby that just melts into your arms.

She was made from the Noa sculpt by Gudrun Legler and reborn by myself, Betty Ann Blackburn.

She is 4 pounds 8 ounces and 18 inches long. She comes with an anatomically correct belly plate that sits on top of her body for posing and display. The body can be tied on for longer use.










 If you are interested in adoption Noa please visit her ebay auction at Noa by Gudrun Legler – or conact me using the above form

Kami-Rose with brown painted hair – sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles. – adopted

Kami Rose is a perfect newborn size reborn doll! She has softly painted brown hair and a non gender belly plate so she can be a boy or girl. This Kami Rose is sold but for a limited time I can make one just like her as a custom! Please message me for more details.




This reborn doll was made by Betty Ann Blackburn and sculpted by Laura Lee Eagles.

Reborn baby girl – Robin by Nikki Johnson

This baby is already adopted but I thought I would show her off! She is a big girl, 7 pounds and 22 inches long. She has gorgeous pale blonde hair and full limbs. This sculpt is still available so I can make one as a custom just like her. it wouldn’t be exactly the same but would be close!

She was made form the Robin by Nikki Johnson sculpt and was reborn by myself, Betty Ann Blackburn







Noah awake by Reva Schick – light blue eyes and pale blonde hair — full limbs! – now adopted

Noah awake is looking for a new home! She is 6.5 pounds and 20 inches long. She’s the perfect size newborn and very fun to dress :)

She has magnets in her head for hairbows. She can take a pacifier with putty.

If you are interested in adopting her please use the contact me link at the top of the page!

Noah awake

Noah awake

Noah awake reborn by Betty Ann Blackburn

Gorgeous reborn baby girl – Tanya by Gudrun Legler – long sold out limited edition – now adopted

Gorgeous Tanya was made froma long sold out, limited edition sculpt by Gudrun legler and reborned by me, Betty Ann Blackburn.

She is 19 inches long and weighs 6 pounds. She feels like a real baby when you hold her in your arms. She comes with an unsexed belly plate so she can be a boy if you like.

Tanya has medium brown painted hair.

For more information on Tanya please visit her ebay auction Tanya by Gudrun Legler

Please feel free to ask any questions. You can contact me by using the contact link at the top and side of this post.










Gorgeous reborn baby girl, Maizie by Andrea Arcello. (adopted)

Gorgeous Maizie is a sold out limited edition sculpt by Andrea Arcello and reborned by me, Betty Ann Blackburn. She is 21 inches long and weighs 7 pounds.

She has pale blonde hair that can be styled wavy or curly. Her eyes are dark blue glass eyes made in Germany Lauscha.

Maizie has full chubby vinyl limbs and a firmly stuffed cloth body. She has magnets in her head for her hairbows.

Please feel free to ask any questions! To view her auction on ebay, click here: Maizie by Andrea Arcello







Majara by Elisa Marx – newborn size blue eye reborn with pierced ears – adopted

Majara is looking for a new home!Majara is 5 pounds and measures 18 inches with bent knees. She is the size of a small newborn. Majara has dark blue eyes and pierced ears! Her hair is light brown and she has a magnet for her pacifier. I can ship worldwide!